Working Towards a Better World

Twaweza Communications is an arts, culture and media organization working towards a better world for all.


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Media Programs

We design and produce media content for radio like Ushikwapo Shikamana,Mambo Bomba, Harakati Zetu and Kuelewana ni Kuzungumza. Our content is geared to promote social change, peace and reconiciliation.


Leadership & Governance

We provide a multidisciplinary approach to training on inclusive governance and effective leadership skills. This is aimed at promoting cross-sectoral dialogue and action to solve pressing global and local issues.


Publishing & Distribution

We publish high quality publications in a variety of languages across a number of genres. We use intricate distribution networks to ensure global availability of our books.

Public Participation

We facilitate public or sector-specific dialogues through interactive forums.We promote civic education and public participation in decision making processes to ensure democracy and transparency.


Research & Development

We conduct qualitative and quantitative research geared towards improving social practices and publish the results  in publicly available books and papers.Visit our online bookstore to browse our publications. Find us in bookstores across Kenya.


Social Transformation

We promote  capacity development, sustainable environment conservation, equity in gender relations, accountable leadership and respect for diversity as the foundation for an inclusive and harmonious society.

Local Content Development

We actively collaborate with institutions and nongovernmental organizations to design media strategies and content that reach the local community and share their stories.


Social & Cultural Rights

We advocate for the right of all human beings to participate in culture, self-expression and to benefit from science and technology to facilitate the advancement of societal interaction.


Peace Studies

We promote and provide training on conflict prevention, non-violent conflict resolution and de-escalation and post-conflict reconciliation.



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