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ResiliArt Kenya 2

Democratizing the digital space
Crafting & Reshaping the Creative Economy for Resilience and Sustainability in the context of COVID-19

The Unesco Regional Office for Eastern Africa, the Kenya National Commission for Unesco, the Ministry of Sports, Culture and the Arts, the Creative Economy Working Group, Twaweza Communiciations, the Godown Arts Centre and the Alliance Française de Nairobi have partnered to organize ResiliArt – Kenya, a digital platform of virtual debates involving stakeholders from the culture and creative industries.

The first discussion brought together leading voices from the cultural sector to consolidate thoughts and ideas on the impact of Covid-10 on the sector and identify opportunities to strengthen and support practice in the sector. The full discussion can be followed here

This second ResiliArt debate will focus on Democratizing the Digital Space. It will discuss the opportunities and challenges within the digital space, taking a long-view approach on how to ensuring inclusivity, accessibility and affordability, how to bridge existing digital divides; exploring opportunities for creatives to monetize through this space; as well as creating favorable frameworks and policies that nurture the growth of creative expression in the digital space.

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How do we continue to speak, to fight, and to engage with each other across age, across ideology, across practice? How do the younger generation rebel and grow, as they must, and the older provide the much needed bulwark of a steadying resistance? In this Issue of Jahazi, we share some of the conversations from a series of Intergenerational Dialogues fora held in Nairobi as well as related and topical articles. You can download it for free on the link below.


Where women are:
Gender & the 2017 Elections 

Exploring gender and governance

This book explores governance and women; lack of representation, intimidation of candidates, the faux choise between patriarchy and authoritarianism are just a few of the issues discussed. Download for free. You can download it for free on the link below.



Best of Whispers: Politics, Family and Society

"With the exception of God and disability, Wahome Mutahi could laugh at anything in life. He laughed at society he laughed at the Government and he laughed at his family-but he laughed at himself the hardest.

His writing was like an onion whose layers one could keep peeling for tears and laughter. There were those who would read it for the humour on the surface and those who would peel the first layer and weep a little that their consciences were coming calloused. At the core, there was a deep understanding of the culture and life of the people that Whispers wrote for and about. "

Kwamchesi Makokha, Daily Nation, July 23 2003

Best of Whispers


We believe making the world a better place for future generations cannot happen by accident; it can only be done by persistent, consistent hard work by a group of forward-thinking citizens of the world. We record our experiences, upcoming events and activities to inspire you to join the Twaweza Movement. Together, we can make the world a better place.