Prof. Kimani Njogu is the Chief Executive Officer, providing technical leadership to the organization.

Recently, Prof. Kimani was awarded Champion of Democracy by the Ford Foundation for his continued efforts in advancing democracy in Kenya. He has also been involved in development of training materials on devolution (training manual and devolution video) which are currently being used in journalist’s capacity building training forums on devolution around the country which are currently ongoing.

A linguist, literary scholar and cultural theorist, he did his Ph.D. at Yale University (1993) and returned to teach at Kenyatta University, before moving on to work within civil society in 2003.

He is a translator of significant works into Kiswahili and has been involved in developing socially committed entertainment programs globally. In pursuit of a new constitution, he edited, translated and serialized the Constitution of Kenya n Taifa Leo; was team leader in the translation of the Constitution of Kenya Review Commission (CKRC) and Bomas Draft Constitution and other documents.

Prof. Kimani is a writer, literary critic and columnist and his Kiswahili book on the teaching of literature won the 2000 Noma Award for Publishing in Africa.  His book Reading Poetry as Dialogue: An East African Literary Tradition was published by Jomo Kenyatta Foundation in 1994.

Between 2000 – 2006, he was a Council Member of the International African Institute, University of London, and Chairman of CHAKITA-Kenya (The National Kiswahili Committee) and was member of the Task Force for the East African Kiswahili Council, established by the East African Community.

Prof. Kimani was the Executive Producer of the History of Film documentary awarded the 2010 Kalasha Film and Television Awards at the Kalasha Awards ceremony. Produced by Twaweza Communications in collaboration with Simba Vision Ltd, this documentary captures the development of film in Kenya over 100 years and is a an important educational tool.

He has also prominently featured in a wide range of documentary including Haba na Haba, the award winning documentary on indigenous knowledge systems. He also played a key role in the production of Peace Wanted Alive: Kenya at the Crossroads documentary which captured experiences of the youth in Nairobi’s environs during the post-election violence period.

He has provided training on culturally sensitive and issue based entertainment programming in Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Namibia, Madagascar, Malawi)  Asia (India, Pakistan, China), South America (Mexico, Peru), the Caribbean Islands (St. Lucia, Grenada) and Micronesia (Palau) .

Kimani is also a board member with Legal Resource Foundation. He has consulted for UNDP in the project on Archiving the KNDR (Kenya National Dialogue and Reconciliation) Process, and has worked closely with NCIC on the Ethnic and Race Relations.

Prof. Kimani Njogu was recently been awarded the Order of the Golden Warrior by H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta President of Kenya, for his work in media, culture and the arts.

He has a wealth of experience in interviewing, scripting, book editing, and documentary production.